Studio 2000
- an edible experiment.

Lets face it, we all know how it goes – it has been a long day, you’re hungry and you sit and think about what it is you are craving for dinner. Inspiration hits, you look for a recipe that is just what you’re after and then head to the shop. And when you get there, most of us can find absolutely anything we need for any recipe at any time of the year. Where it is grown is no longer a factor in its availability.
It sounds great, but is it really? 

This consistent availability of all ingredients all the time results in ideas, solutions and expectations that are not what is best for maintaining planetary health. Vegetables come from one place – increasingly just one variety grown in mass-monocultures – and animals are reared elsewhere. Biodiversity and the connectivity and cycle where one is the prerequisite for the other has long been forgotten or broken.

If you were to evenly distribute all the arable land on earth between all the earths inhabitants, each of us would be given 2000m2 to cultivate. Similarly with grass pasture, we would each get 500m2 on which to raise animals to provide both food and natural fertilizer. In order to build a robust, equitable and sustainable global food system, these are the figures we must focus upon and move towards regarding consumption and land use. Today in the western world however, we use roughly twice as much space for the food we consume resulting in an ineffective, inequitable, unsustainable situation. 

The time has come to ask ourselves is it really necessary?

By flipping the system, turning the process on its head and starting your meal choices by looking at all the raw materials that can be provided by one 2000m2 piece of land, your starting point and ingredients list will be different. The choice may be less expansive, but perhaps our curiosity and our imaginations will help us to make more from what we have.

Studio 2000 is a live, real time experiment in the future of food systems and a continuation of the work and research started at Rosendals trädgård in 2019 – 2020.We will grow produce on 2000m2 at Erikslunds Trädgård, Gnesta using the same sustainable practices championed at Rosendal. But now we take it a step further and cook and serve what we grow at restaurant Studio 2000 in Stockholm.